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4 Hip Cafes and Coffeehouses in Old Town Phuket

Phuket - Thailand

Surprisingly, there’s more to Phuket than its famous beaches and resorts that tourists don’t know about. There’s seemingly a coffee shop on every corner, down obscure back alleys and even in brash Patong Beach, ranging from quaint and cheerful cafés run by locals who are charmed by the island’s nature in that it is eclectic, unique and  retains an air of an old-world provincial capital atmosphere.


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1. Bookhemian

This cool little cafe  is the most hipster cafe you can find on historic Thalang Road in the oldest part of Phuket. Occupying a century-old Chinese shop house amongst the crumbling shophouses as the Muslim-owned textile shops and  Chinese restaurants down the street, the place is stocked with used Thai books and local photography and illustrations.


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2. Chino Cafe and Gallery

This café on Talang road successfully transformed itself from an internet café to a coffee lovers’ favourite spot. Besides great tasting coffee, Chino Café and Gallery offers the true flavour of Phuket as well. The menu includes popular Thai dishes like tom yam gung and gaengkiew wan (green curry is a must) along with many desserts. As the name suggests, the place is also a gallery exhibiting art works, including photography and paintings. Besides food, the small café is filled with interesting knick-knacks, such as a working Thai typewriter, textiles and stationary. It also sells eco-products such as t-shirts and scarves.  You can spot the café by the bright red bicycle on the patio, if it isn’t delivering fresh bakery items near by.


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3. Pirrera Cafe

Located just at the corner of Yaowarat and Dibuk roads, Pirrera cafe is a beautiful old looking house, painted with pastel colors and a cozy seating on the ground floor. Besides its quirky atmosphere, a rotation of friendly and pleasant staff is a plus too.


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4. Macchiato Cake and House Box

This cafe offers a chance to glimpse into a fascinating repository of a black and white portraits of famous people on its wall, giving an artistic touch to its modern and minimalistic ambience. This cafe is sweet haven for people who have sweet tooth. We dare you to resist the Nutella Crepe cake.

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