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The 5 Best Korean Instagrammers to follow

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The Instagram scene is HUGE in Korea right now, as evinced by the flood of Korean hashtags #데일리그램 (#dailygram), #맛스타그램 (#tastegram) & #먹방 (#foodjourney) etc. Spottly has compiled the following list of 5 insanely talented accounts that showcase a whole lot more than just selfies. These accounts represent the beauty East Asia, filled with wide variety of subjects from iconic landscapes, stunning architecture and artistic shots.



On the @Happyboil account, you can take a look inside everyday life in Korea through the eyes of a couple, adding that bit of awww to your feed with their endearing #lovestagram photos and adventures around town.


2. @THEJIN01

For your daily dose of zen, @Thejin01. Simply looking at his tranquil photos will put you in a state of peaceful reflection.



Hit after hit: scroll through @Raonkk’s feed and you’ll find the treasure trove of stunning shots of South Korea that earned him Instagram fame.



Always on the move – from Seoul to Nepal to NYC – Juwon’s account sets out to tell stories with every single picture. Her IG is certainly worth keeping an eye on to find your ‘soon-to-be’ favorite spots and hidden gems in Korea.



Ken Lee is a lifestyle blogger who only sticks to using his Galaxy 4 phone to share a beautiful slices of South Korea. At 69.1K followers at time of publishing, there’s apparently no shortage of those who want to live vicariously through his minimalist snaps

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