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Nicole Wong: Singapore’s Minimalist Maven

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Like thousands of her peers in Singapore, Nicole Wong started a blog in her teens in order to document her life – and fashion choices. She’s turned her blog – and now her popular Instagram – from a simple OOTD-diary into a carefully curated manifesto championing minimalistic style and local Singaporean designers. She says of her home-town: “Singapore never stops. It is constantly reinventing and improving. We’re a small nation, but the strength, grit and pioneering spirit runs generations deep.”

Here are a few of Nicole’s favorite spots in Singapore, reflecting her minimalist style (and life-style):


SHOP: Escentials:

310 Orchard Rd

A perfume and skin-care shop with a minimalistic dream of an interior. Even the products perfectly fit my aesthetic – Diptyque and Le Labo are favorites of mine. Le Labo fragrances contain only the most high-quality ingredients – each bottle is made right before your eyes, and marked with a personalized label.


BEAUTY: Blow + Bar:

7 Rodyk St

The go-to place for me to put my mane in order. The concept is to go and get your hair done while drinking champagne. Who wouldn’t love that? My hair is really thick, and in Singapore’s humid weather I tend to go get my hair washed pretty often to make sure it’s looking fresh.


EAT: Beach Road Prawn Mee

370 East Coast Rd

It’s just a simple bowl of prawn noodles, but I eat it almost every day. Even though there are so many dining options in Singapore, I always return to these childhood favorites. My friends are always saying that I eat the same thing over and over – so I guess I’m a minimalist eater as well. I would eat prawn noodles and chicken rice every day if my friends would let me.

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