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5 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Beijing from KNEON Editor-in-Chief Victoria Jin

Take a stroll though the Hutongs

Victoria Jin, a photographer and creative director, splits her time between Vienna, university in Edinburgh and her beloved Beijing. In addition to serving as founder and editor-in-chief of KNEON Magazine, Victoria runs ELLEVICTOIRE.COM, a site covering visionary China-based creatives. Says Victoria: “I just want to introduce you to the beauty within the everyday chaos that I’ve seen every single day of living [in Beijing], and the talented creatives without arrogance I’ve met who are pushing the boundaries on what is expected of the term “Made In China”. Her Instagram @victoriajin_ is full of gorgeous photos depicting every-day Beijing life. Frequent photo-shoots for KNEON and personal projects have made Victoria something of an expert in finding aesthetically pleasing corners of the sprawling city. Here are five prime Instagram-worthy spots in Victoria’s Beijing:


Yonghe Temple




Dali Courtyard


Peking University


方家胡同, Take 2

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